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Toronto Condo is a complete condo investment management company specializing in the Toronto and GTA condo market. Toronto condo's goal is to effectively manage the condo investment needs of the residential investor, over-seeing every detail of their condo property investment.

At Toronto Condo Investment Management we not only help you find the right Toronto condo property, we maximize the income potential of your condo investment and efficiently manage every aspect of your condo property.

Toronto Condo offers a unique and customized approach that will guide you through the Toronto condo market helping you achieve a profitable condominium investment. We manage the day to day operations of your condo property leaving you free to enjoy your life- safe in the knowledge that your Toronto condo investment is being taken care of.

Toronto Condo's Services include:

  • Research of the Toronto condominium market to find the right Toronto condo investment for you
  • Consultation, negotiation and purchasing of your Toronto condo.
  • Legal services pertaining to your Toronto real estate condo investment.
  • Tenant screening and placement in your Toronto condo
  • Rent collection and bill payment
  • Maintenance and repair of your condo property
  • Yearly tax and insurance review
  • Monthly owner's report services



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