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Toronto is the largest city in Canada and even though not the capital, it is far more diverse, exciting and has something to offer to everyone. People have been moving to Toronto from not only other parts of Canada but from all over the globe. Some of the reasons why people move to Toronto include the following:

One of the first images anyone gets of Toronto is the diversity of the population. There are people from all over the world living in this city. Toronto is the icon of multiculturalism. One can experience a variety of cultures, different languages, exotic foods and appreciate their lifestyle, Toronto has everything from little Greece, little Italy, Chinatown and yes, a little of India too. One can feel the multiculturalism by the astonishing variety of restaurants, shops, boutiques and manner of dressing in many neighborhoods. In Chinatown, you can find almost any type of fruit or spice that is available elsewhere on this planet.

Another reason why people move to Toronto is because if its reputation as a safe city. Even though a very large city of 5 million people, the crime rates are very low. There are very few rough or tough neighborhoods in Toronto. Shootings are rare and one can walk on the streets at anytime of the night. There are many neighborhoods in Toronto where people do not lock their cars and even leave their home windows open at night. Because of its safe nature, people in Toronto can often be found along the waterfront and shopping areas till very late at night.

Despite being a major business city with ample buildings, Toronto is also green. It many parks, gardens and hiking trails all over the city. For those who live downtown, one can enjoy the harbor and the cool breeze almost every day in summer.

Toronto is a food lover's paradise. Because of the multicultural population, one can get almost every type of cuisine in Toronto. There are ample restaurants and cafes that are reasonably priced to meet the demands of any taste buds. Because of the intense competition between the different cultures to promote their food, the prices are low and very affordable. More important, in summer, there are food festivals held during the weekends by each ethnic group.

Toronto matches almost any European city when it comes to sports, arts and culture. For people who are into operas, theater or ballet, Toronto has wold class opera productions; you can get to listen to classical music to the latest pop song in state of art theaters. There are ample museums and galleries to visit. The nightlife in Toronto is exciting and very vibrant. For sports fans, there is baseball during the summer and ice hockey during winter.

Finally, another reason why people move to Toronto is because of its excellent education facilities. The public schools in Toronto are well funded and have exceptional quality; students from all over the world come to Toronto for their education. Toronto also has a fair number of private schools to select from. There are three world-removed universities in Toronto and four community colleges. The colleges and universities offer education in diverse subjects. Education in Toronto is routinely ranked in the top 20 in North America. Toronto is one of the leading medical centers in North America.


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