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It's hard to drive around the city and miss all the construction sites along almost every major thoroughfare. In fact there are more condos under construction in Toronto than houses. Why? As the population ages, the condo lifestyle becomes more attractive. You have the same amenities as you would in a house, but none of the worries about maintaining them. A condo offers the best of both words: the peace of mind that comes with home ownership, plus the benefits of not having to worry about cutting the grass or shovelling the snow. With a condo, it's the closest you'll get to carefree living.

As Toronto's population keeps growing, and housing prices keep rising, the happy medium is condo ownership. You'll pay less for a condo than you will a house, and not have all the headaches that come along with one. Plus, a condo can make the city as accessible as you want it to be; and that doesn't mean you have to live downtown. Many of the most attractive condo locations combine the best of both worlds: they are near transit, schools, shopping and other important amenities. Plus, you get perks such as swimming pools, health clubs, park settings and light retail, saving you time by providing conveniences on site. With the number of new construction sites around the city, there's a location that's perfect for everyone.

A Toronto condo is still a worthwhile investment. With Canada's economy recovering quicker than most, this is the place people from all over the world are coming to do business. There are many condos perfect for investment opportunities that make excellent short or long term rentals for business people and executives coming to Canada to live and work temporarily. The Canadian housing market has managed to avoid disaster, and the value of condos as investments has remained steady. People nearing retirement looking for sound investments are buying condos, renting them now, and making plans to enjoy them after they retire. By investing in a condo now, you can still have a place to call your own well into retirement, without the hassles of traditional home ownership. Enjoy your house now, but think about how great it will be to enjoy that condo investment as your retirement abode when the time comes. No longer having a house to worry about can allow you to concentrate on the simple pleasures of life - travel, relaxation, and stress-free living, year round.

Toronto Condo can help you navigate the Toronto Condo market, finding you the perfect location as an investment for now, and a home for later. Our real estate experts can help you determine what area of the condo market best suits your needs, and help you make condo ownership a reality. Plan for the future now by making a wise investment that will help you reap great rewards for years to come.


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